“Perhaps destiny is written,

but our desire will try to change it” – David Blanco

Director, Producer & Scriptwriter: David Blanco

Genre: Road movie

Running Time: 100’

Country: India

Looking for: Partners & Financing


Anthony and Rama decide to cross by foot Tamil Nadu looking for their last chance to recover hope, dignity and love. During their journey a tsunami hits the coast in South India, forcing them to face a new dilemma.

INDIAN WAY is adventure film and a road movie, the story of two men who have lost everything and decide to travel by foot crossing South India to recover their most appreciated value: human dignity. The project received development support from Media Programme of European Union and ICAA, Spanish Ministry of Culture, and it has been invited to participate in many workshops and international co-production events as eQuinox, PrimExange India, London PFM and Locarno Open Doors.